zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

Strawberry Earth Wonderland

Haven't had time to tell you all about the amazing eco-fashion event Strawberry Earth Wonderland by my friends Mette te Velde & Ikenna Azuike. I was there selling MooiVintage jewelry together with big sis fashion designer Marga Weimans. I also hosted the Fashion Blogger camp. I great discussion with some well known Dutch fashion journalists like Georgette Koning Milou van Rossum en John de Greef and bloggers  Andy Torres  of and Ernst-Jan Pfauth the Dutchproblogger. More pics to come soon, but here's the video:

Strawberry Earth Wonderland from Spiral Move on Vimeo.

zondag 26 september 2010

The market of 1001 tastes

I've been living behind the Amsterdam foodcenter for almost two years now. It's a huge wholesale market where a lot of small and large Amsterdam shops come and buy their fruits, veggies, meat and fish. This Sunday they had an open day for the public. Which meant loads of yummie food I sampled till I couldn't sample no more;-) I bought some carrots at a stall selling socalled 'forgotten' vegetables: red, white and yellow carrots, and beettypes we used to eat a lot in Holland say 100 years ago. Check out those beautiful tomatoes!

Mushrooms galore.

I bought asperagus sprouts from van der Plas Sprouts. This company grows anything from well known alfalfa, to sprouts of garlic plants and the taste is amazing!

The traditional Dutch raw herring on a piece of 'roggebrood' or black rye bread with a gurkin was a little too much for me, although it looked great. I did take a bowl of what looked like a red fruit stew with cream. It contained raisins and berries, but the main ingredient surprisingly enough was 'gort' which is kinda like rice. Very unexpected and lovely dessert.

You can wake me up for a lemon curd tartelette any hour of the day (seriously) so these cute lemon merengue tarts had to come home with me. Not all of them of course, just two. 

This tiny shop in a car had a wide variety of foods, anything from sausages, coffee, cheeses and anchovy.

Photocollage of people working in the foodcenter in the past decades.

While the public was enyoing all the food, this lad still had to work and deliver the bread on time.

vrijdag 3 september 2010

Check out this months new N.E.E.T Magazine for great indie handmade and vintage fashion but also to see my new ad. But of course you can see it here too;-) Actually it's nothing new, it's the same as my main blogphoto, but I like it so much I just had to use it. It's one half of a Mimi di N designed fox buckle.

On October 17th I'll attending Strawberry Earth Wonderland, a very cool eco fashion event over here in Amsterdam hosted by my friends Mette te Velde and Ikenna Azuike. Together with my sister fashion designer Marga Weimans, we'll be selling some of her clothes and my vintage jewelry.

It's gonna be a busy day, because at Wonderland I'm also hosting the Fashion Blogger Camp, in which  Andy (from Stylescrapbook) will talk about how to become a good  blogger. Other guests at this talk will be fashion journalists Milou van Rossum, Georgette Koning, Bregje Lampe and John de Greef. They all work for national newspapers and magazines here in Holland. So if you're in Amsterdam on the 17th do join us for all the fun! I've made a video for the event. I heart iMovie ;-)

donderdag 26 augustus 2010


One of my favorite vintage jewelry brands is Trifari an American company founded in 1910. What I love about their jewels is the attention to detail, the variety of styles and the sheer beauty of most of their designs. Their ads are pretty cool too with a high dosage of Mad Men. In the shop I have some pretty amazing modernist Trifari necklaces for sale!

This ad reminded me of the orginal I-pod Ads:

Fulvio Bonavia

I just discovered the work of photographer Fulvio Bonavia. Because of the shop I really want to know more about product photography and he's a master at it. Just look at his new book 'A matter of taste' it's been out for a while:

De Rotterdam

This past Sunday I had a nautically good time in my hometown of Rotterdam. Together with my sister and my adorable nephew and niece we visited Katendrecht in the southern part of town by the harbour. This used to be known as a rough area best to be avoided. But now Katendrecht has turned into the next cool area to live and hang out.

We visited a playground that's a stone's throw from 'De Rotterdam: a colossal Titanic look-alike  which used to be the flagship for the cruiseship company The Holland America line in the 50s and 60s. Now they've completely restored the oceanliner and it's a hotel, restaurant, bar, partyboat and tourist attraction in one.

I love how they've remained the original feel of the 50s on board. On entering we were welcomed by a picture of the amazing Eartha Kitt standing in front of some Heineken boxes in 50s Rotterdam. Her outfit rocks...

But there were more stylish 50s pics to be found all over the ship...

Even my niece was impressed by all the beautiful photo's on board.

Of course we had to take a peek in the shop. These sailor hats and yellow booties for kids are too cute.

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

2nd shop!

Wow it's been ages since I've posted anything on this blog, and so much has happened! I've been to Berlin and back, I'm preparing my first stint at an ecofashion fair and I've started selling through a second website. It's called Market Publique and is focussed completely on vintage fashion and accessories. Here's a screenshot of the shop and my seller page:

Of course I intend to put much more items in the shop these coming days.

Market Publique founder Pamela Castillo shares my love for animal belt buckles. She wrote a blogpost about one of the buckles she bought from me: a gold tone lobster. What a colorful outfit it looks very cool on her. I wish the weather was as good here in Amsterdam as it is in New York....

Photo: Market Publique Blog

Photo: Market Publique Blog

dinsdag 1 juni 2010

MooiVintage shout out at Daddy Likey blog!

I've found a new cool blog to advertise on, it's called Daddy Likey. Winona is a very witty girl and just wrote a little blurb about my MooiVintage shop.

Check out her MooiVintage blogpost HERE.

R.I.P Louise Bourgeouis

    Photo: Robert Mapplethorpe
     Photo: Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times

maandag 5 april 2010

Tilda Swinton x5

How amazing and beautiful is this woman. I loved her in Michael Clayton and I'll never forget her in Orlando. Tilda Swinton is on a double cover of Dazed and Confused this month. I found some more mindblowing pics of ms. Swinton:

                      Another Magazine

                       Craig McDean

vrijdag 19 maart 2010

Euroweek on Etsy

Slowly but surely I'm turning into a real Etsy seller. And by that I mean someone who knows their way around the great Etsy virtual labs, chats on the forums and drools over the 'quit your day job' interviews. Not to mention rejoicing in my sales as I've sold much better then I ever expected.

Etsy is still very much an America-focussed website. The Etsy powers that be want to change that since many Europeans and Asians are also finding their way to the site. That's why from March 22nd till the 27th, Etsy goes Europe.  Here are some of my favorite Etsy items by European sellers.

1. Brownbunnybyiris
2. Belladedia
3. MQuin

1. Juliebythesea

1. Rasmilla
2. Tricoteria
3. Sirenaconjersey
4. Lassandaliasdeana

1. 1001ArtBeads
2. KnitFrekkles
3. Mirthquake
4. KeepTimeGoing

zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Shout outs!!

Sopie has a very nice vintage blog called and she's a fan of my mooivintage shop!

My good friends Mette and Ikenna from Strawberry Earth  gave me a nice shout out for the blog and the Etsy shop. I wrote about Strawberry Earth before in my blog entry about going green. 

And I just got this email from
I am the writer of a blog called the Vintage Frugalista. My mission is to help readers find fashionable, quality vintage fortheir homes and closets that is budget friendly and stylish.  I amwriting to let you know that I featured one of your items in a recentblogpost!  Thank you for your wonderful shop and I wish you the best ofluck in your vintage ventures!
Kristin Huston
The Vintage Frugalista

 My item in Kirstins blog is the tortoise shell colored lucite bracelet (number 4)

woensdag 24 februari 2010

Eeeek I'm a shop owner now!!!! x5

I'd been thinking about this for a while: I really like vintage stuff, why don't I start an online shop? A first I thought E-bay was the perfect place. And to be honest I did make some nice sales via E-bay....but I wanted a goodlooking shop, not just some auction site. So I decided to move to Etsy. This pas weekend I uploaded my first pieces of jewelry and already made some sales! The next coming weeks I'll be uploading lots of more cool stuff... like this:

Amazing Glenn Turk for Ann Miller faux crocodile leather hand bag

Vintage Accessocraft signed belt buckle

Gerda Lynggaard sterling silver lucite earrings

Black lucite confetti earrings

Trifari bracelet