zondag 26 september 2010

The market of 1001 tastes

I've been living behind the Amsterdam foodcenter for almost two years now. It's a huge wholesale market where a lot of small and large Amsterdam shops come and buy their fruits, veggies, meat and fish. This Sunday they had an open day for the public. Which meant loads of yummie food I sampled till I couldn't sample no more;-) I bought some carrots at a stall selling socalled 'forgotten' vegetables: red, white and yellow carrots, and beettypes we used to eat a lot in Holland say 100 years ago. Check out those beautiful tomatoes!

Mushrooms galore.

I bought asperagus sprouts from van der Plas Sprouts. This company grows anything from well known alfalfa, to sprouts of garlic plants and the taste is amazing!

The traditional Dutch raw herring on a piece of 'roggebrood' or black rye bread with a gurkin was a little too much for me, although it looked great. I did take a bowl of what looked like a red fruit stew with cream. It contained raisins and berries, but the main ingredient surprisingly enough was 'gort' which is kinda like rice. Very unexpected and lovely dessert.

You can wake me up for a lemon curd tartelette any hour of the day (seriously) so these cute lemon merengue tarts had to come home with me. Not all of them of course, just two. 

This tiny shop in a car had a wide variety of foods, anything from sausages, coffee, cheeses and anchovy.

Photocollage of people working in the foodcenter in the past decades.

While the public was enyoing all the food, this lad still had to work and deliver the bread on time.

vrijdag 3 september 2010

Check out this months new N.E.E.T Magazine for great indie handmade and vintage fashion but also to see my new ad. But of course you can see it here too;-) Actually it's nothing new, it's the same as my main blogphoto, but I like it so much I just had to use it. It's one half of a Mimi di N designed fox buckle.

On October 17th I'll attending Strawberry Earth Wonderland, a very cool eco fashion event over here in Amsterdam hosted by my friends Mette te Velde and Ikenna Azuike. Together with my sister fashion designer Marga Weimans, we'll be selling some of her clothes and my vintage jewelry.

It's gonna be a busy day, because at Wonderland I'm also hosting the Fashion Blogger Camp, in which  Andy (from Stylescrapbook) will talk about how to become a good  blogger. Other guests at this talk will be fashion journalists Milou van Rossum, Georgette Koning, Bregje Lampe and John de Greef. They all work for national newspapers and magazines here in Holland. So if you're in Amsterdam on the 17th do join us for all the fun! I've made a video for the event. I heart iMovie ;-)