vrijdag 19 maart 2010

Euroweek on Etsy

Slowly but surely I'm turning into a real Etsy seller. And by that I mean someone who knows their way around the great Etsy virtual labs, chats on the forums and drools over the 'quit your day job' interviews. Not to mention rejoicing in my sales as I've sold much better then I ever expected.

Etsy is still very much an America-focussed website. The Etsy powers that be want to change that since many Europeans and Asians are also finding their way to the site. That's why from March 22nd till the 27th, Etsy goes Europe.  Here are some of my favorite Etsy items by European sellers.

1. Brownbunnybyiris
2. Belladedia
3. MQuin

1. Juliebythesea

1. Rasmilla
2. Tricoteria
3. Sirenaconjersey
4. Lassandaliasdeana

1. 1001ArtBeads
2. KnitFrekkles
3. Mirthquake
4. KeepTimeGoing