zondag 6 november 2011

New discoveries

It's always so great to find new jewelry designers to drool over. I found a number of great people at the Sieraad Art Fair:
Anna Tomich from Lotocoho. I'm a sucker for faceted jewelry and Anna Tomich sure knows how to make those. The pieces are inspired by mountain structures. You can even let her know what your favorite mountain is and she'll design a piece for you.
I also love french jewelry designer Violaine Ulmer. She makes beautiful strong and huge rings out of porcelain and paints them in gold silver and metallic. One ring was screaming my name, but I resisted.

Pure gold?

I  just came home from a visit to the yearly Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam. Last year was my first time and I blogged about it on the Dutch Etsy website. This year I also discovered some pretty amazing designers. I came across a Cami Caubergh, Jasper Vandenberghe and Hermien Cassiers, three of students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. They made some very original pieces for a school project. One was a seethrough tube necklace filled with water. The idea behind it is that in the future water might become as valuable as gold because of wars and bad environmental choices.

Their second idea really got me excited. The students made a brooch that looked like a very heavy piece of pure gold. You even got a little wooden booklet with a certificate, describing the history of gold. The piece of gold actually was a stone covered in real gold leaf. Before you bought the "gold" it was put on a scale and you had to pay 8,60 euro's per gram for it. I really love the idea and it reminds me of how vintage costume jewelry started. People wanted the real gems for a fraction of the price. Only you know it's not the real thing.